Method #1 Instructions:

When you click the link below to download the .zip file, which contains the application file, you will be asked for a location to save your file. Once you file has been saved, you can then right- click on the file and choose "extract". This will extract the file to a new directory. You can then take the .swf file and upload it to your website by however means you are allowed through your website provider.

Click Here to Download the Video Player You See to the Left


Method #2 Instructions:

You can also click below to open a new window, then copy/paste the embed code to your website. The player application has a standard size of 345px wide and 460px high. Please make sure when you use either method, do not to re-edit or adjust parameters below this size.

Click Here to Download Embed Code

Web Application for Smartphones and Tablet PC Link:

Bookmark this link to return to the player a anytime.

Click Here to Open the Application Player from Your Smartphone or Tablet PC


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